What to wear in Playa Del Carmen

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What to wear in Playa Del Carmen


A lot of activities happen in Playa Del Carmen not only is it a city for vacationing tourists but has a vibrant community of locals, foreign and local expats, and nomads too. With its enabling environment, the city continues to grow, alongside with a unique style of what people wear. Playa is an exceptional city in Mexico and has its method of doing things compared to other cities that exist in Mexico. People from other countries both from America and Canada come to Playa to spend their holiday and catch some fun. More so, aside from people that come from outside Mexico to enjoy their holiday, local people from other states such as Mexico City and Guadalajara don’t joke with the country as they make their move permanently to Playa or preferably own a vacation home so they can enjoy their holiday.  However, now that the city has grown, there is more than enough shops to buy clothes most especially if you don’t know nor have what to wear in Playa Del Carmen.

what to wear

First of all, two things are paramount for you to know if you are planning to visit Playa Del Carmen. The first thing is the climate while the second is International Influence. This great city has a warm year round but a little cold when it rains, so the kinds of clothes you need to put on our light clothes with thin cotton and breathable fabrics.


A good pair of footwear is excellent for both men and women especially if they have arch support. Some people prefer to wear sandals, and their reason is that they save wearing socks and don’t want to have worries in case it rains. In the evenings both men and women love to wear sandals, men’s type of shoe is a strapped one while women wear dressier sandals sometimes with leg straps.


women in shorts

Creative people in the great city of Playa influence women’s fashion with lots of creativity. One of the great Mexican designers that influence women’s way is Pineda Covalin who makes her designs with silk and uses Mexican inspiration to derive various patterns. With all the available outfits, women who feel like going out on free look go to have lunch or brunch on small shorts.


Men’s usually kind of dressing in the night is shorts, and if some among men choose to go to the club, they love to go on pants. You will be surprised to see the number of local that goes out on pants in the night. Their reason for doing that is because they work mostly under air conditioners, so they love to pull off their clothes at night but if you are a tourist don’t abide by that kind of dressing as you are prone to get hot fast.

men in swimwear

Some other form of dressing both for men and women is the use of sunglasses and hats, swimwear and so on. They go by hats and sunglasses mainly because of the number of sunny days and strong sun which is the reason why they mostly have warm weather most of the times in Playe de Carmel.

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