Two weeks in Molokai

Molokai Hawaii

 Two weeks in Molokai

Introduction to Molokai

Molokai is the fifth largest highland out of the eight major islands that make up Hawaii Island located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Molokai is popular for some reasons ranging from its system of developments, business tourism and so on. History shows that Molokai was developed from two distinct shield volcanoes known as east Molokai and the smaller one called West Molokai. Molokai portrays a true nature of an island, having a high percentage of its population as Native Hawaiian ancestry.


Molokai is an island that anybody can think of going to visit to have a trip of a lifetime, even if you just choose to spend two weeks in Hawaii without visiting Molokai your lifetime trip is not complete. Molokai is a place to visit both for those that live in neighbouring cities and those that live far away.  Understandably if you have a little vacation time like 2 weeks, I would advise you to spend it in Molokai as I assure you will be able to explore the beauty of the city of Molokai.  Remember that despite that its an island you cannot possibly see and visit the whole city within the short period of your stay but we shall be explaining the history, culture, music and sports you can enjoy during your stay so that you can have a basic understanding of what you are most like going to see during your visit.


History of Molokai

Molokai is Hawaii’s fifth largest island with 38 miles long and 1o miles across its widest point. It’s an island that has a zero spotlight with just three gates leading to its airport. Molokai has tall buildings that despite as tall as they are they are still short compared to the palm trees and you start to recognize people on the street only after two or three days of your arrival. It has three major regions which are the central region, the east region and the west region.

Hawaii’s fifth largest island

The central Molokai is full of surprises; it’s a friendly town with most of its residents living near the neat the one and only true town Kaunakakai. It’s the only place where people go into shops to get foods and supplies buy stuff, talk with people if you take your time you will really enjoy your visit to the central Molokai.  The north coast of central Molokai is the home of historic Kalaupapa national historic park where victims of leprosy were exiled in 1800. Before you think of departing central Molokai, don’t forget to visit Hoolehua Post Office to catch fun only in Hawaii experience. Escaping to west Molokai gives you a great quiet retreat; you will be able to visit its small plantation town of Maunaloa, where you can do fantastic shopping including the handmade kites of the big wind kite factory. Western Molokai is a place to find condominium and cottage rentals and as you walk your way down to kaluakoi road watch out for wild axis deer. Eastern Molokai is full of natural wonders, if you take a drive along Kamehameha, you will see Molokai’s highest mountain is on your left while Hawaii’s longest continuous fringing reef which is 28 miles is on your right.



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