Paris Fashion Week

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Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion week is one among the four (London, Milan and New York) biggest fashion weeks worldwide. These fashion weeks take place in February and September of every year and features designers from around the world featuring their latest collections both in New York, Milan, Paris, and London.

Each of the four cities featuring in the fashion weeks has its own identity and aesthetic. Designers such as Louis Vuitton and Channel are among the early set of designers who have always been regular at the fashion week since its commencement as far back as 1943, over time some other brilliant and creative designers such as think central, Saint Martins among others are various sets of designers who now shows in the fashion weeks.

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What is fashion month?

Fashion month is a four-week event that usually takes place in two months of the years regularly February and September, during which various designers all over the world comes together to showcase their collections for the season ahead.

The fashion month started in New York City in 1943 as a trade event, and since then has evolved into an all-encompassing sartorial that involves the presence of celebrities, influencers and likewise eye-watering budgets.

Since its inception, things routinely kick off in New York before extending to other cities of London, Milan, and Paris. The clothes and fabrics available for showcasing in the fashion week set the trend agenda for the remaining months of the year.  Whatever you come across in various fashion magazines and shelves of high street shops have been influenced by what was on display during the previous months.

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Differences between the February and September Show

As February and September run out simultaneously, February is a month when designers will debut their autumn/winter collections for the year while in September which is the spring/summer period of the year the designers showcase their collections as against the following year. These events take place at these periods of the year to allow buyers and editors in attendance have enough time to choose their choice of fabrics or feature before the clothes arrive in stores.

Paris Fashion Week

As we know that the fashion weeks are held in other three major cities of the world (London, Milan, New York) before Paris. Paris is the head of the other cities when it comes to the fashion week why is because it is by far the grandest of all fashion weeks’ dues to the cal calibre fashion designers that shows up there. There are significant and famous designers who are well recognized and are old in the show (Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel) their runway shows reflect that always reflect the homage of their rich histories and even richer aesthetics.

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However, just as last September has had its own week of the fashion weeks, February 25th is the next edition for the year 2019 and all designers are expected to be on the lookout as usual. As everyone is preparing to be present at the fashion week coming up in November, there is a need for you to get accredited at the French federation of fashion by sending an email for an invite as a tourist.

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