Fashion Backpacks

fashion backpacking

Fashion Backpacks

Just like dresses, shoes and other fashionable items to make up your beauty, an ethical fashion backpack can also make life so much easier for you. Unlike before that backpacks are specifically made available for children and hikers, they (backpacks) are now available in different forms, sizes, colours, and shapes, so there is always match made in accessory waiting to match your taste. By contrast, fashion backpacks available in the market today are often openly luxurious because of the value people have developed and attached to it. Now that the world has advanced past the era of mesh and nylon made backpacks, it’s time for us to invest in classic fabric types built for fashion longevity: leather.

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We have wrapped up a few sets of a stylish backpack that is equally functional as they are fashionable.

Herschel Nova Backpack Mid-Volume

Herschel backpacks are quietly stylish and durable for carrying all your needs. It comes in different mini sizes, the Xs and mid has the largest size that is capable of fitting a 13” mini laptop, gym kit, shower stuff, and boxed launch with only minor cramping.


At the two sides of it are water bottle pockets and a front pouch for the items you need on regular occasions. Herschel comes in different attractive colours, from smart yellow to statement grey. It does not have a big shoulder, and its golden zip adds a nice finishing touch.

Goodordering Classic Backpack

It’s a boxed bag ideal for keeping belongings organized with many pockets and a separate laptop slot big enough to accommodate a 15” laptop screen. Goodordering is made with water-resistant nylon to keep your things safe throughout the winter period and trimmed with highly durable PVC and also available in seven pinstripe patterns.

Goodordering Classic Backpack

Dune Ducky Backpack

Dune Ducky Backpack is romantic and feminine, its available in different styles and attractive colours. Its practical with plenty of space, for all your gadgets with a removable front pouch perfect for any essentials you don’t want to lose.

Dune Ducky Backpack

ASOS Design Soft Backpack with zipping

ASOS Design Soft Backpack is an adorable, stylish backpack, though not big enough to contain a laptop but has enough space to be practical. It’s good for holiday packs when you don’t have quite as much to carry around and worth a look.

asos design soft backpack with zipping

Sandqvist Hege Backpack

Sandqvist is regarded as elegant, has a lot to do with the Swedish heritage as its brand was found in Stockholm in 2004. Its creators took inspiration for its design from the look of a Nordic landscape forest and rivers. The hedge of the bag is made of organic cotton canvas and top grain leather and comes in four great colors.

Sandqvist Hege Backpack


We wait to hear your opinion on the shortlisted fashion backpack.

6 thoughts on “Fashion Backpacks

  1. Silas says:

    Good video!! I’m planning on going for 2 months this summer. Did you find 2 months to be too long, not long enough or just right?

  2. Owen says:

    Wow! I guess it is true what they say abou beautiful and sexy Swedes! She really needs to show us what the bikinis look like on her hot little body. And no panties show? Sads :(

  3. Eli says:

    NEVER FORGET NECK PILLOW ITS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING While u interrailing 😀 i didn’t have one this summer and my neck hurts until now :D

  4. Wesley says:

    I was wondering if you packed pajamas. I didn’t see this in the video. Also, did you leave most tech at home (laptop, tablet, camera)? Or, were some of these things in your personal item?

  5. Perry says:

    I like the Ute because you can expand it’s capacity as a good pack while you are on the ground. It’s rugged and distributes any load well. Yet it can be carry on so they don’t get a chance to steel your stuff.

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