Customize Your Carry-On bag With a Luggage Tag

Customize Your Carry-On bag

Customize Your Carry-On bag With a Luggage Tag

Whether you choose to travel locally or abroad, travelling is one of the hopes of symptoms of life. As you go about your travel, you need luggage to keep your things. Imagine you unable to identify your luggage among, why is because you are not carrying a customized back that will stand out of the crowd.

IDENTIFY YOUR luggage through customized tags

Need not to worry anymore as your thinking that your luggage will miss having come to an end; we will show you how to customize your carryon bag with a luggage tag. With, you will be able to design your custom luggage with logos or photos. You will have less worry about identifying your bag in an overcrowded environment.

Whether you have a backpack, a tote, or a simple trap that needs do it yourself logo or tag, we have some simple and stress-free way to go about that for you.

Embellished strap bag:

There are cases you will only be allowed to board a plane with just two items; you have no option than to get yourself a shoulder bag with a studded strap. The rock and roll vibe made of guitar strap will let you feel first class no matter where your seat in the aircraft.

shoulder bag

Illustrated tote

If you are yet to get yourself a gold leafing pen, obviously you want to meet your crafting best friend. A few strokes from gold leafing pen along with some studs will make the airport your runway.

Monogram duffle bag

Ruffle bags are not for little camping bags and locker rooms. With some shimmering designs, your lovely bag can have a personalized touch that will give your luggage a completely different look among other bags.

Customizing your bag can make things easy when you are trying to check out at the airport or the train station. It can also help you site your bag on the carousel quickly, in fact making theft hard to buglers. In other to keep your luggage safe and secure, here are useful tips on how you can go about customizing your luggage to make it stand out from the crowd.

standing man

The first useful tip we want you to know is the use of a unique luggage tag. A bold hand wrote one is better, with preferably a fluorescent colour. Secondly, you can make use of a colour tape; you can choose to use a wrap duct tape with bright colours around your suitcase handle. Thirdly, you may want to create a pattern, with the use of duct tape you can design the front and at the back of your suitcase. You can do that with your initials written on the tape or print a big portrait of your pet and tag it with the wrap take to your luggage.

With all the explanations above, the most common of it all is the use of a logo. It is not easy for you to make a logo for yourself, but you can choose to get one at

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