Founded in 2009, our goal to become the largest budget travel experience platform, offering a broad range of technology travel booking options. Across 1000 most visited cities and include services in accommodations, restaurants, attractions, nightlife, tours, special day experiences, extreme sports, things to do and ensuring travellers feel local when exploring new places, this is a one-stop travel solution targeting the budget traveller.

We’ve now launched our shop, where travellers can find commonly purchased items for much less, so moving on I found suppliers who offer things cheaper and resale them to you for an affiliate fee and this helps keep my blog alive and me travelling. A savings to us as a community is what I deliver to you in building a better budget travel blog.

Creator: Kyle (@rakylem) on Instagram, fellow traveller behind the WordPress travel blog. Digging deeper, so under the hood into how I got started?

Travelling started at age five and it been a lifelong dream to move away from the 9-5 work environment. So opened a hostel… brought student property and commercial units and then found my lifelong passion again for travelling. Inspired to give back into the travel sector, help travellers and grow as a person. I launched and then

These two sites are my blog platform and a store that offers deals for anyone travelling or wanting to travel.
I knew there was an opportunity to develop a site, an app that helped travellers find travel buddies, find jobs whilst travelling that paid or voluntary and where we could all engage on best places to visit, where to eat, stay, play and end the day find a night spot, Think Hostel is the culmination of all the information I’ve collected over the years, put together to help travellers just like you.
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